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Gambling Casino Bonuses for Players

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Online casinos quickly becoming one of the major money streams on Internet and their popularity continue to increase. Along with popularity increases number of participants and competition for our money becomes fierce. Online casinos finding more and more ways to offer gambling casino bonus codes, point systems, promotions and other creative ways to attract more new players and retain existing.

Benefits of Casino Bonuses

This plays right in our hands and benefits us, players the most. Variety and availability of multiple levels of gambling bonuses strictures make it easier to enjoy the games but DON’T get labeled as BONUS HUNTER.

Casino gambling bonuses are a way for casinos to stimulate interest in their games. And here are some of the most common ways to get them:

Types of Casino Bonus System

* No Deposit Casino Bonus. Usually a short time promotion offered to new players only. Could be in form of free money ranging from $5 to $50 or a set period of time to play for free. If you get time limit to play for free more than likely time that it takes to install software and setup player account is part of that free time, so pay attention to terms.

* First Deposit Casino Bonus. This one requires that a new player make a minimum required deposit to receive a free match. Different Online Casinos offer different match structure and you can see it fluctuate in range from 25% to 450%. This specific bonus usually has a maximum bonus range that could be anywhere from $50 to $1000. Although there are a few casinos that offer Unlimited First Deposit bonus. We have listed a few of them on our sections.

* Second Deposit Bonus. Normally offered to existing players to entice them continue playing. These type of bonuses also range anywhere from 15 to 50% and generally have a limitation. What it means is that if Casino offers 25% second deposit bonus with a $100 maximum you, as a player have one chance to use it. In order to get the maximum benefit you MUST deposit a $400 to get maximum allowed $100 second deposit bonus or you will only get 25% of your second deposit.

* Alternate Deposit Bonus. Most Online Casinos will accept any credit card to make your deposit and many online payment-processing systems. First impulse for many people is to use their credit card – don’t do it! Almost every casino gives you an additional bonus that ranges from 10 to 25% just for using an online payment processing service such as Neteller.

Options listed above are not the only offers you will find just some of the most common. But if you think that this gives you an opportunity to easily cash in – think again. Casinos have created safeguards to protect themselves from anyone attempting to abuse their offers and constantly watch for what they call BONUS HUNTERS. If you get labeled as one – you will loose all your promotional privileges.

Another thing to watch for are the terms of each promotion. Just because there is a casino bonus it doesn’t mean you can just walk in, take it and leave. Every casino has established terms for each promotion they offer. Normally it would involve a minimum number of wagers that must be made and in some casinos those wages can only be made at specific games or what is somewhat more common might exclude wagers on some of the most popular games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette. Make sure to read terms of bonus offer very carefully before proceeding.

Knowing all of the above will help you get the most fun while playing in online casinos. To get the maximum amount of bonus without getting labeled as bonus hunter you can take few simple steps:

* Use an online payment processing system. I recommend Neteller since it is most widely accepted but you can easily go with one of the other options accepted. This will give you security of transactions, privacy and prove your legitimacy to online casinos.
* Don’t open multiple accounts with same casino. You might get your bonuses and get away with it for a while but if you get caught – you will loose all your bonuses.
* Read terms for each individual bonus promotion offered by online casino and don’t try to cash out before those terms met.
* Gamble as you normally would. A sudden increase in amount you bet might throw a red flag unless it is justified by the game you are currently playing.